Motorola Droid Turbo XT1254 USB Device IDs

Having recently purchased a Motorola Droid Turbo (aka XT1254) I wanted to be able to connect it to a Windows 7 laptop to copy files to and from the phone. To install the drivers for Windows you must install the Motorola Device Manager (MDM) software. (Available here:

Prior to installing the software Windows would see the new USB device and then disconnect it immediately. Then discover the deivce and immediately disconnect. Cycle as long as I had the USB cable connected. WIth AutoPlay turned on, I would get popup after popup. None of them would close unless I clicked the "X" so I would have lots of clicking to do if I left the USB cable attached for very long.

After installing the Motorola Device Manager software, I had a stable connection to my phone and could copy files to and from it.

Due to an unrelated issue, Verizon replaced my phone with a new device. As soon as I connected the new device the whole discover and disconnect cycle started over. MDM was still installed. I first tried to remove the MDM and any other software from Motorola. Reboot, reinstall, reconnect. Still having the same issue.

I posted on the Motorola Forums (in the forum specific to the Droid Turbo) asking for help. (

Overnight two other users replied with helpful suggestions. The second response, by user M0T0Mike, had something of a walkthough. I had already tried most of the steps he outlined, but I decided to try once more. Here are the steps:

  • Uninstall the device from Device Manager. I was unable to do this because the device would disconnect/reconnect too quickly.
  • I used the USBDeview program to remove all devices associated withe the XT1254 (see ProductIDs below)
  • Use the free version of ccleaner ( to clean the drive and registry
  • Reboot and re-run ccleaner until nothing new comes up
  • Install Motorola Device Manager
  • Shutdown, then Start the laptop back up
  • Revoke all USB debugging authorizations in Developer options
  • Connect device back to PC and allow Windows to install drivers

The phone is now working with my Windows 7 laptop!

In my quest to figure out what was happenning, I ended up mapping out the USB VendorID and ProductID(s) the XT1254 can present. In case anyone else is searching, here they are:

VendorID 22b8 (Motorola, this never changes)

  • 2ea4 - MTP mode, software install Off
  • 2ea5 - MTP mode, USB debugging on
  • 2ea6 - PTP mode
  • 2ea7 - PTP mode, USB debugging on
  • 2ea8 - MTP mode, software install On
  • 2e24 - MTP mode, with USB tethering active

NOTE: It is not possible to enable software install in PTP mode, or with USB debugging turned on.

For Google to find them together: VID:PID 22b8:2ea4 22b8:2ea5 22b8:2ea6 22b8:2ea7 22b8:2ea8