phpdaemon Install on Ubuntu 12.04

I recently wanted to use PHP for a service running on a Linux machine. After looking at several projects I decided to dig deeper into phpdaemon. The source is available on GitHub ( There is some documentation in English and some in Russian. The English documentation is less than ideal. I fought with the code for some time before getting it installed and running. Here is what I did to get everything working under Ubuntu Linux 12.04.

Postfix/Zarafa mail server move

We recently needed to upgrade the storage on our email server. To keep downtime to a minimum we decided to install the server on new hardware and transition everything over. In the past when we used maildir for mail storage this was easy. Simply pause the queue, rsync the mail, point SMTP ports to new server, unpause queue, rsync again. The upgrade this time is more complicated because we are using Zarafa. Zarafa is a great email server. There are open source, free, and commercially licensed version available.

Converting Hypercom/Symbol sig format signature data to png image with PHP

As part of my ongoing paperless form project I need a way to display signatures captured by the Hypercom L5300 device. Equinox (formerly HyperCom) sent me a PDF describing the format for the sig data. There was one detail they left out...draw command x and y values were described as a sign plus 5 bits of value. I do not deal directly with bits often so I did not realize the values were stored in two's complement.

Connecting to a TCP client device with IE8

I have been investigating different paperless solutions for customer and employee forms. I wanted something cross platform and extensible. I settled on using one of the common payment terminals as a signature capture device. As a bonus the mag stripe reader could be used to enter customer credit card data into our software.


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