Linux on a Zotac PicoBox PI-320-W2 part 2

This is part two of my journey to get Linux running reliably on the Zotac PicoBox PI-320-W2. Please see part 1 for an overview of the hardware.Once the challenges presented by a 32-bit UEFI were overcome, I noticed Linux would not boot from a normal cold-boot, or warm boot. I would get to the Grub menu screen, but then the screen went blank and nothing seemed to happen after that. I could get Linux to boot if I opened the BIOS boot menu (hitting F8) and selected the correct entry for Grub. I would get the same Grub boot menu, but the boot process would complete and I would end up looking at the Mythbuntu desktop. I investigated many things. I found various AMI BIOS tools and attempted to modify the BIOS to enable menus that were hidden. I contacted Zotac support. I flashed the newest BIOS available. Nothing worked.If I accessed the BIOS boot selection menu then Linux would boot. Otherwise, it failed soon after the Grub menu. Windows 8.1 booted without issue. The fix was so simple I am ashamed that it took me so long to find! In the BIOS, navigate to Boot menu. Disable fast boot. Save and Exit. Now Linux/Grub should boot without issues.I was ready to start setting up MythTV! Continue to part 3 for the next challenge and resolution.