I am often asked to help with repairs on personal computers. I frequently do this for a small fee to cover my time. These are the basic steps I go through whenever I work on a computer.

  • Boot from USB disk and run Kaspereky Rescue Disk
  • Boot the system back into Windows
  • Remove any virus scanners or "help" software. Most of these are scan only, require purchase to actually fix anything, or worse are just scams.
  • Install Microsoft Security Essentials free anti-virus from Microsoft. Be careful! There are many imitations with the same name that are actually a virus.
  • Open Microsoft Security Essentials and download any updates.
  • Peform a full system scan with Security Essentials. NOTE: This may take several hours.
  • Reboot, update Security Essentials, perform another full scan
  • Install any important Windows security updates
  • If installed, update Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Oracle Java.

This process generally takes 12-24 hours total. The speed of the system (particularly the hard disk) and the amount of data determine how long the entire process takes. If you would prefer to have someone fix you laptop or desktop, please contact me.