phpdaemon Install on Ubuntu 12.04

I recently wanted to use PHP for a service running on a Linux machine. After looking at several projects I decided to dig deeper into phpdaemon. The source is available on GitHub ( There is some documentation in English and some in Russian. The English documentation is less than ideal. I fought with the code for some time before getting it installed and running. Here is what I did to get everything working under Ubuntu Linux 12.04.

Converting Hypercom/Symbol sig format signature data to png image with PHP

As part of my ongoing paperless form project I need a way to display signatures captured by the Hypercom L5300 device. Equinox (formerly HyperCom) sent me a PDF describing the format for the sig data. There was one detail they left out...draw command x and y values were described as a sign plus 5 bits of value. I do not deal directly with bits often so I did not realize the values were stored in two's complement.

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